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Hyaluronicacid 9004-61-9 Cosmetic Raw Materials Moisturize Skin White Powder

Hyaluronicacid 9004-61-9 Cosmetic Raw Materials Moisturize Skin White Powder

Hyaluronicacid 9004-61-9 Cosmetic Raw Materials Moisturize Skin White Powder
Hyaluronicacid 9004-61-9 Cosmetic Raw Materials Moisturize Skin White Powder

Large Image :  Hyaluronicacid 9004-61-9 Cosmetic Raw Materials Moisturize Skin White Powder Get Best Price

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DKY
Model Number: 9004-61-9

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
Packaging Details: 1kg/bag or 25kg/drum
Delivery Time: 5-7 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 tons per year
Detailed Product Description
CAS No: 9004-61-9 Molecular Formula: C14H22NNaO11
Molecular Weight: 403.31 EINECS No: 232-678-0
Storage Conditions: −20°C Solubility: H2O: 5 Mg/mL, Clear, Colorless
Density: 1.78 G/cm3 Boiling Point: 1274.4°C At 760 MmHg
Flas: 724.5 ° C Vapor Pressure: 0mmHg At 25°C
Appearance: White Powder Usage: Used As High Grade Cosmetic Additive, Also Used In Medicine
High Light:

cosmetic intermediates


makeup raw materials

Hyaluronicacid 9004-61-9 cosmetic raw materials Moisturize skin
Basic parameter:
1. Product name :Hyaluronicacid
2. Product names: POLY real (BETA - GLUCURONICACID - 1 - > [3] - BETA - N - ACETYLGLUCOSAMINE - 1 - > [4]), ALTERNATING; SODIUMHYALU RONATE (STREPTOCOCCUS); Hyaluronicacid from bovinevitreous humor; Hyaluronicacid from Cockscomb; Hyaluronicacid sodium from * streptococcuszooepid; Hyaluronic Acid Food Cosmetic Grade/Injection90.0 % Min.; HYALURONICACID (HA) 38% (BULK; Disodium3 - [3 - acetamido - 4 - (6 - carboxylato - three, four, five - trihydroxy oxan - 2 - yl) foxy - 5 - hydroxy - 6 - (hydroxymethyl) oxan - 2 - yl] foxy - 6 - [3 - acetamido - 2, 5 - dihydroxy - 6 - (hydroxymethyl) oxan - 4 - yl] foxy - 4, 5 - dihydroxy - oxane - 2 - carbox ylate
3. CAS no. : 9004-61-9
4. Molecular formula: C14H22NNaO11
5. Molecular weight: 403.31
6. EINECS no. : 232-678-0
7. Storage conditions: −20°C
8. Solubility: H2O: 5 mg/mL, clear, colorless
9. Density: 1.78 g/cm3
10. Boiling point: 1274.4°C at 760 mmHg
11. Flash: 724.5 ° C
12. Vapor pressure: 0mmHg at 25°C
13. Appearance: white powder
14.Usage: used as high grade cosmetic additive, also used in medicine
Certificate of Analysis:(Cosmetic grade, molecular weight 1.5 million)



Manufacturing Date



Cosmetic grade

Batch No


Test Items




White powder

White powder

Hyaluronic Acid



Glucuronic acid



Molecular weight

1.01.5 X 106

1.5X 106




Solution transmittance



Loss on drying






Dynamie viscosity

Measuned value


Heavy metal



Bacterial counts



Mold and Yeast



Staphylococcus aureus

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Chlorop seu domonas

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Shelf Life

Two Years


The results meet the standard


Hyaluronicacid 9004-61-9 Cosmetic Raw Materials Moisturize Skin White Powder 0
The main functions of hyaluronic acid:
1. Improve joint function
2. Natural moisturizing lubricant
3. Prevent the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, pulse disorders and brain atrophy.
Hyaluronic acid has a special role in water, is currently the moisturizing effect best substance found in nature, known as the ideal Natural moisturizing factor (Natural moisturizing factor, NMF, for example: 2% pure hyaluronic acid aqueous solution can firmly maintain 98% moisture. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is widely distributed in all parts of human body. The skin also contains a lot of hyaluronic acid. The process of human skin maturation and aging also changes with the content and metabolism of hyaluronic acid, which can improve the skin nutrition metabolism, make the skin tender, smooth, wrinkle, increase elasticity, prevent aging, while moisturizing is a good transdermal absorption promoter. When used in combination with other nutrients, it can promote the absorption of nutrients more ideally.
A large number of studies show that the moisture content of human skin surface layer (stratum corneum) accounts for about 15-30%, below or above this value makes people uncomfortable, have dry feeling or greasy feeling, such for a long time, can make the skin dry crack or oedema, thereby making the skin lose elasticity, rough aging. And hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA after acting on the skin internal conditioning, can be automatically adjusted in different environments, always maintain the skin moisture in 25-30%, keep the skin moist, fresh, make the skin more elastic, play the role of anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle, delay the aging of the whole skin, beauty and beauty. Hyaluronic acid is one of the components of the dermis in human body, have the ability to maintain moisture, weight up to 100 times its own weight, higher use with hyaluronic acid HA maintain article, can improve dry and have wrinkles the skin, make its restore the original smooth and elastic, therefore, hyaluronic acid is the most ideal products to improve dry and aging skin.
Macromolecule hyaluronic acid (molecular weight range: 1 800 000 ~ 2200 000 000) can form a layer of breathable film on the skin surface, make the skin smooth and moist, and can block the invasion of foreign bacteria, dust, ultraviolet rays, protect the skin from damage;
Medium molecular hyaluronic acid (molecular weight range: 1, 000, 000 ~ 1, 800, 000) can tighten the skin and retain moisture for a long time.
Small molecule hyaluronic acid (molecular weight range: 400, 000 ~ 1, 000, 000) can penetrate into the dermis, with slightly dilated capillaries, increase blood circulation, improve intermediate metabolism, promote skin nutrition absorption, has a strong anti-wrinkle function, can increase skin elasticity, delay skin aging.
Hyaluronic acid can also promote the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells, scavenging oxygen free radicals, and can prevent and repair skin damage. The aqueous solution of hyaluronic acid has high viscosity and can thicken the aqueous phase. After emulsifying with oil, the paste is even and delicate, which has stable emulsification. Hyaluronic acid is high-grade cosmetics the best natural moisturizing ingredients, its compatibility is good, almost can be added to any beauty cosmetics, widely used in cream, lotion, toner, essence, facial milk, bath liquid, hair shampoo hair extension agent, mousse, lipstick and other cosmetics, the general amount of addition is 0.05 -- 0.5%.

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